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The V-LINE’s solutions for slimming and rehabilitation have been tested by independent scientific institutions:


The Functional Human Anatomy Department headed by Dr Ewa Szczepanowska at the University of Szczecin


The Physical Exercise and Recovery Laboratory under Dr Oleksandr Pryimakov (trainer of Olympic wrestling gold medallists)

The Biomechanics Laboratory headed by Dr Ryszard Kopański at the Extramural Faculty of Physical Culture of Poznań Physical Education College in Gorzów



1) Szczepanowska E., Jarska K., Chudecka M., Sieńko E.: Application of a vibraplate to shape body mass components in regular exercises. Papers of Anthropology, collection dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Professor Juhan Aul, vol. XVI, 2007, pp. 257–265.


2) Katarzyna Jarska, Ewa Szczepanowska, Monika Chudecka, Elżbieta Sieńko, Roman Drozdowski: Whole body vibration training on a VIBRA-LINE as a way to control body composition. World Congress of Performance Analysis, Sopot VIII; Book of Proceedings: Magdeburg 2008, pp. 128–135.


3) Emilio J.A. Roldan, MD, PhD, and Cesar E. Bogado, PhD: Assessment of Material, Structural and Functional Properties of the Human Skeleton by pQCT Systems. Current Medicine Group, Current Osteoporosis Reports 2009, 7:37–41.



The latest V-LINE is the result of several years of work by a team of designers at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, including Roman Drozdowski DEng, Jarosław Majewski DEng, Witold Dziewiałtkowski DEng and Piotr Kopeć MEng. It contains new, patented, revolutionary solutions never seen before on the market.


The design solutions are protected by a patent:

PATENT: PL 212 962 B1, created by scientists at the WEST POMERANIAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN SZCZECIN – Roman Drozdowski, Jarosław Majewski, and the owner of Cosmedica, Rafał Kuczyński.


This entirely innovative device has been developed based on our many years of experience and observations, and comments made by users of our products.


Thanks to its innovativeness and its excellent technical quality, the V-Line was selected for distinction among hundreds of products exhibited at the Beauty Vision fair.


Further reward for our efforts came in the form of an MTP Gold Medal, which for almost 30 years has been awarded to the best products exhibited at the Poznań International Fairs.


The system also shows information about the current and next training phase. This clear presentation of 

information lets the user exercise in comfort. There are no surprises – you are prepared for changes when they 



Service mode is designed to give full control over the device’s operation. The system has two counters: a 

mileage counter, and an additional counter of the number of training sessions completed, depending on settings 

that can be configured according to need (e.g. daily or weekly count).


To ensure continuous fault-free operation of the device, there are also fields that display the time remaining until 

the next service or filter change.





An intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows the user to control all training parameters without difficulty, thus 

minimising the need for staff assistance.


In each of the five basic programs the user can configure individual parameters such as treadmill speed, vacuum pressure, vibration and infrared – giving a total of 40 fully 

automatic programs, requiring no supervision.


The user may choose to select only certain functions, e.g. treadmill with vacuum + vibration, treadmill + infrared, 

etc. During training the screen displays a graph showing the progress of the whole session.


The user can change individual parameters at any time, in an easy and intuitive way. The screen also constantly displays information about the session time, treadmill speed, vibration frequency, vacuum pressure and temperature inside the capsule (infrared).


The user can also see data on heart rate and estimated number of calories burnt.


Because the device is intended to provide long-lasting uninterrupted operation, we use parts from the world’s 

most renowned firms, which guarantee a large reserve of power and are extremely resistant to tough working 



The high quality and reliability of the components mean that we are able to offer a three-year guarantee on the 

device (one year for consumable parts). We promise rapid servicing carried out by the manufacturer.



An industrial brushless turbine ensures efficient, quiet and reliable operation. Small brushed motors, as used in 

vacuum cleaners, are not suited to continuous operation at elevated temperatures (50°C for the infrared lamps).



An efficient industrial low-speed motor with a forced cooling option provides high power when the treadmill is 

used at low speeds and inclines. The brushless, three-phase motor is much more efficient than the motors used 

in other treadmills.



The control board meets all the requirements of continuous operation. Sophisticated solutions using Japanese 

power inverters enable very precise control of all exercise parameters. The board is cooled with filtered air, 

which means it does not require cleaning and is protected from damage.


Since unsupervised devices require enhanced user safety, we have applied a three-level safety system:

  • An automatic system to prevent the user’s legs from being crushed, using a photosensor and an emergency 

    cut-out switch


  • STOP – a red button to bring the device to an immediate halt



    HELP – a built-in wireless system for summoning staff assistance


    When you buy the vibro-treadmill, you are assured of constant access to spare and servicing parts.


Urządzenia bezobsługowe wymagają zwiększenia bezpieczeństwa osoby ćwiczącej. Wprowadziliśmy więc potrójny system zabezpieczeń: 

The most important innovative technical and design solutions applied in the latest model of the V-LINE capsule:

  • An entirely new type of treadmill with a base using space technology, capable of withstanding long-lasting 

    continuous operation under reduced pressure, not requiring any lubrication.


  • A unique belt running system, not requiring constant regulation. Use of this solution means that the vibro-treadmill is truly zero-maintenance – the lifetime of the belt is now more than 10,000 hours.


  • A powerful and efficient modern industrial low-speed motor with forced cooling – brushless, three-phase with belt and gear transmission.


  • The world’s only pneumatic system for absorbing vibrations and raising the treadmill, ensuring safety, stability and flexibility in every position.


  • The Japanese computerised inverters from OMRON used to control the vibro-treadmill are able to work continuously (without forced breaks).


  • Environment-friendly! The device achieves an optimum ratio of energy consumption to power produced. One training session costs only about 0.33€.


  • A medical heart rate monitor is included.


  • The highest load capacity of any vibro-treadmill – suitable for users weighing from 160 kg to 250 kg (depending on model)


  • A large control touchscreen with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


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